About Me – Grant McKee

Cannabis Connoisseur from the UK but I call the Netherlands my home nowadays. I like to spend my off time exploring and sampling various strains from around the world at the local coffee shops. I love this place. I first got into the scene looking for things to do, and growing up in the UK there was still a lot of Cannabis around but the War on Drugs that has spread everywhere really put a damper on trying Cannabis for me. It wasn’t until my first trip to Amsterdam that I got my first taste of the real deal.

What I noted immediately upon my first trial of Cannabis was that my social inhibitions were completely gone, something I always struggled with. I was never able to express myself properly and it always led to times where I would miscommunicate to others, which would sometimes lead to strife or an argument with friends. Not so when I’d hang out with Cannabis in my system! This stuff opened me up like a book, and I cared but I was very accepting with myself and how I though. Social anxiety was what I was suffering from, I found out later, and the use of a Sativa strain really broke through that for me. I don’t even have to use any more to lose that anxiety, I received a serious mental break through.

Obviously I was a huge proponent of Cannabis from this point forward, always telling my friends to try this one or that one for this issue or another. This is what the Medical Marijuana Community is all about, picking out the best strain or extraction to help with one’s issues. I guess I’d be called a stoner or something like that in a lot of areas, but where I live now that’s not the case at all. I don’t let it get in the way of my life, and I use it recreationally and medically if I feel the need for a mental break through.

This way of thinking about Cannabis really pushed me into the scene big time, making a lot of friends through meet ups or just randomly hanging out at the Coffee Shops. It’s not that different from making friends at the bar I guess, but I can actually remember what I talked to with my friends and we’re much more likely to go do something we were talking about than when drinking. Though I do love a good craft beer as well, just for different reasons and definitely not for the medical benefits.

Anyways after all this time spent in the Cannabis Scene I figured it was time to spread some of the knowledge to cut through the information that’s out there on the net. I believe Marijuana can be a huge benefit for many people, and the way it’s seen in a lot of places around the world is really a tragedy. So I’m just here trying to do my part, hope it’s been beneficial to some of you!

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds

Cannabis Seeds are a lot more complicated that meets the eye at first glance. Sure, it seems simple enough, and it did used to be, but nowadays through modern science and agricultural techniques the varieties out there seem to be endless


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