Autoflowering Seeds

Cannabis Seeds are a lot more complicated that meets the eye at first glance. Sure, it seems simple enough, and it did used to be, but nowadays through modern science and agricultural techniques the varieties out there seem to be endless. Strains of all types with all kinds of different functions and grow periods and years, it’s enough to make the mind spin. Not to mention the genetically altered Auto-flowering and Feminized varieties of each. Still, with a little knowledge and some basic explanations this huge market can be comprehended very quickly.

Starting at the beginning, Cannabis Seeds have been used throughout most of history at least since right before the dawning of the Agricultural Revolution. Many historian don’t consider these two events lining up to be a coincidence, and they argue that Cannabis as well as a few other major crops may have been the catalysts that stopped us from our nomadic lifestyle to settling a growing crops throughout the year. Cannabis Seeds themselves are one of the few foods that are nutritionally 100% complete, this means that all proteins, fats, and amino acids required to sustain our bodily functions are present within each and every Cannabis Seed. Beyond this, the hemp plant itself was highly useful in the building of the first societies especially in the SE Asian regions where the plant was actually used as both a tool for providing shelter and clothing but as well as a currency to trade. Not to mention its medical benefits that were noted early on as well, from inflammation to pain management to depression. It’s absolutely no wonder the Cannabis Seed was valued so highly in early times. It was a plant that provided everything one could possibly need to survive!

The medical uses of the plant gave way to its use as a psychoactive tool in religious ceremonies, where deep periods of meditation could be achieved much more easily through the inhalation or eating of the plant when prepared in certain ways. As both a medical and religious herb, it became sanctimonious and almost holy with certain modern day religions in Asian countries still using it for these very same reasons. Lacking in today’s modern medicine, the plant was highly invaluable in all sorts of illnesses and at the same time provided the users with peace and a way to tap into their spiritual side. It makes a lot of sense why Cannabis was held in such high regard to these ancient peoples.

However, in the modern era many of these uses of Cannabis have been forgotten and even demonized in the face of the War on Drugs. Still, it will not be suppressed forever and as countries begin to legalize it the properties of the plant are beginning to be seen by the mainstream once again. The legalization effort is swinging into full force nowadays, and modern breeders are seizing this opportunity to improve the plant in ways that have never before been seen. The modern day Cannabis is leagues above what is was in the old days due to talented breeders and scientific minded growing.

Ironically, Cannabis really only began to advance due to the war on drugs itself. As the governments of the world began to crack down on the growing and selling of the plant, the breeders had no choice but to change their ways of cultivation. What they needed was a way to increase the potency of the plant, increase the viable yields, and be able to keep the costs similar for a smaller amount of product. This led to the feminization of the Cannabis genome. The growers noted that when the plants were not exposed to the male’s pollen during the flowering stage, all the requirements they needed were met. Bigger buds, higher THC potency, and no seeds to boot. At first this required the monitoring of the plants and to nip the males as soon as they sprouted, but some scientific minded growers realized that by spraying colloidal silver on the female plants during their sprouting stages they would become hermaphroditic, meaning they could make themselves pregnant without have the male in the genome. The seeds that resulted from these early experimental plants were 100% female and became known as feminize seeds. The super Cannabis strains were born and much of what we see out there in the world today came from these original strains that absolutely changed how people viewed Cannabis permanently.

Nowadays, a new type of Seed has become available. Some of the trekkers scouring the globe for new types of Cannabis stumbled upon a new type, the Cannabis Ruderalis. It is similar to hemp in that it does not produce THC and only CBD, however, what makes this genotype of Cannabis special is its non-photoperiod properties. These plants grow in incredibly harsh conditions, and thus had to compensate by flowering even in low-light conditions. After a certain amount of days, no matter what, the Ruderalis flowers.

These breeders took this plant, and crossed it with some of their own strains. What resulted is the creation of the first Auto-flowering Cannabis strains. They kept the THC content and other characteristics of the breeders’ strains while maintaining the hardiness, quickness, and non-photoperiod growth of the Ruderalis. These Auto-Flowering strains produce massive yields in record times, without the need to constantly monitor the light sources on the plant throughout its growth. Some of these strains flower in as little as 55-60 days. This is the newest frontier of the Cannabis plant, with many seedbanks clamoring to make the newest and greatest versions of the Auto-flowering Seed.

Simply put, Cannabis seeds are quite remarkable. With the invention of the Auto-flowering Seed and the amazing strains on the market growth of the plant has never been simpler! The Cannabis seeds industry is a billion-dollar worldwide market and with governments around the world slowly heading towards legalization, the amount of quality Cannabis through the use of seeds like these will be astronomical.

About Me – Grant McKee

About Me – Grant McKee

Cannabis Connoisseur from the UK but I call the Netherlands my home nowadays. I like to spend my off time exploring and sampling various strains from around the world at the local coffee shops. I love this place. I first got into the scene looking for things to do, and growing up in the UK there was still a lot of Cannabis around but the War on Drugs that has spread everywhere really put a damper on trying Cannabis for me. It wasn’t until my first trip to Amsterdam that I got my first taste of the real deal.


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